Cilento Bus line of Infante Travel

Cilento Bus line of Infante Travel

Discover all the bus stops of Cilento Bus line of Infante Travel.

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Infante was born in 1927, by Infante Angelo Raffaele, who moved to Camerota and began his career with the first bus races for the Centola and Marina di Camerota railway line. Over the years, Cilento Bus Infante Travel buses its route to connect the towns of Sapri and Vallo della Lucania and travels daily. The agency “Infante Viaggi e turismo” was founded, becoming a tour operator and ticketing service. The company uses a GT fleet and NCC fleet for rental services and national and international tours and operates the Cilento Bus line service.

Summer line Cilento Bus

Red Line from M.di Camerota e Palinuro to Salerno, Pompei, Napoli central Station and Airport and viceversa

Green Line from Acciaroli, Agnone Cilento, Casa del Conte, S.Maria di Castellabate, Agropoli Sud, Paestum to Salerno, Pompei, Naples Central Station and Airport and viceversa


Lungomare Trieste - Marina di Camerota (SA), Italy


Phone +39 09741984230